PetroVisor is the Open Source alternative to legacy upstream oil and gas software. The PetroVisor Community is built on transparency and sharing between suppliers and customers.

We have been working on the integration of Data Analytics, Knowledge Discovery and Petroleum Engineering methods since 1997.

19 years later all our experience and latest technologies have been combined with an open business model to serve customers with Open Source technology.

It is built on a community of like-minded individuals and companies.

The challenging low oil prices require new answers to increase operation and cost efficiency. Our disruptive technology and business model makes our customers competitive.

Our customers benefit from access to more technological
innovation and strengthen their competitive posture.

Open Source Code and Public Domain Libraries of reusable Digital Oilfield
components enable fast prototyping and solution deployment.

Access to Technology replaces Technology Ownership. Community members support
each other to make the Digital Oilfield affordable.

We are driving PetroVisor development, ensuring momentum and competitiveness for the Open Source project.

We split our offerings into two camps.
PetroVisor Enterprise and PetroVisor Open Code.

PetroVisor Enterprise

Subscription based services for
Customers & Partners

PetroVisor Open Code

Open Source for Developers
and Academia

The main unique capability of PetroVisor is to build Smart Advisory Systems to identify business opportunities in operations as fast as possible using Predictive Analytics.

We call this approach Smart Automated Candidate Selection (“SAX”).

Due to the integrated knowledge discovery and capture, we experienced high user acceptance of our solutions as people trust results being based on their own logic.



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