Why to register for the PetroVisor Community? What are the Benefits?

Resource Access

Get access to all PetroVisor resources including:
P# scripts (PetroVisor’s domain specific language), PetroVisor GitHub and documented code and workflows

Training and Support

Get started by browsing forums, reading blogs or accessing tutorials, training material and case studies

Communication Platform

Communicate with peers, get in contact with the PetroVisor network and share with like-minded people

What are we asking for?

Open Source Communities live from the balance between giving and taking. Therefor we are kindly asking you for contributing to the community’s knowledge base in return of receiving reusable code solution components and the ability to network

Who should register & What is your area of interest?

Software Developers

Coding for the developement of the PetroVisor platform, cloud applicationd and web interfaces

Petroleum engineers & students

Developing petrol engineering business logic, workflows, methods and applications

Data Scientists

Developing and customizing data analytics for petroleum engineering

PetroVisor Users and Admins

Get in touch with other users, exchange experience, get help & discover latest innovations


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