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Our Mission is to establish Open Source Software as leading innovation technology in the Digital Oilfield until 2020.
myr:conn solutions GmbH is an Austrian Ltd. company and was founded in October 2010 to deliver high quality production optimization and reservoir management solutions to the oil and gas industry using our Open Source software technology PetroVisor.
Our team consists of 10 highly skilled oil & gas and software engineering professionals as well as data scientists with backgrounds in reservoir and production engineering, financial optimization in petroleum assets, project management as well as commercial software development and commercialization. We designed, set up, implemented, scheduled and maintained Digital Oilfield projects with 30+ production monitoring and optimization workflows for clients around the globe. Our extensive experience in smart workflow design, artificial intelligence applications in the petroleum industry and in large Digital Oilfield projects is highly appreciated by our clients and partners likewise.
Our professional background in Petroleum Engineering and workflow automation helps us to build segment solutions together with our clients for specific challenging settings. Combined with our experience in software development project management and programming resources we are capable of managing and realizing a wide range of technology projects.
We are convinced that the time is right for a change. myr:conn solutions helps to accomplish this change.

We are committed to our three core principles




myr:conn solutions provides expertise and enabling technology for modern reservoir and production management workflows. Our workflows are smart as they are based on open and state-of-the-art technology to manage not only the information in the data but also derive, capture and apply knowledge and experience available in your organization. Our concept of “smart”-ness also includes slim software technology footprint as well as technology and vendor independence.
myr:conn solutions fully embraces the concept of open source and open innovation. myr:conn solution’s guiding philosophy is to benefit from the knowledge of the crowd and to enable individuals contributing to innovation and improvement. Open innovation is a new paradigm in which company boundaries are crossed, and collaboration and external inputs are key. We actively will encourage the followers of our technology to provide new ideas for the oil and gas industry and to realize these ideas as innovative applications based on PetroVisor technology.
myr:conn solutions strives to connect people with solutions. We reach across the boundaries of business segments, technical disciplines and geographic regions in order to create reliable and innovative solutions. Our understanding of connectivity also leads to a full integration of existing legacy systems into an online surveillance and collaborative environment.


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