How to install PetroVisor

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  • SQL Server instance is available (SQL Server Express Edition is usually fine)
  • Local User has admin rights on SQL Server instance (otherwise PetroVisor services need to be configured to run using a different user)
  • .NET 4.6.2. or later is installed


Run PetroVisorSetup.exe (default settings are fine)

  • Launch the PetroVisor Server Configuration Tool
  • Click on the Settings icon in the upper right corner, click on the text of “Licensed to” or “Expires on”
  • Copy the hardware ID
  • Get a trial license with the hardware ID at (sign in required)
  • Paste the license key in the license activation dialog and click activate license key
  • In the Server Setup module, click on the Databases tab
    1. Select the first database and click configure
    2. Specify the SQL Server instance name, other settings are fine
    3. Click Save (and Verify, if it is not done automatically)
    4. Repeat for the second database
    5. Click on Services
    6. In the Services dialog, find the PetroVisor services and start them
  • In the Workspaces module, a new workspace can be created
    1. Download Demo Workspace
      (SQL database backup)
    2. Restore the database backup using SQL Server Management Studio
    3. In the Workspaces module (PetroVisor Server Configuration Tool), click Register
    4. Specify a name for the workspace: Demo
    5. In the Database Configuration dialog, specify the SQL Server instance and the database name (PetroVisorDemo)
    6. Click Save
    7. Select the workspace and click User Management
    8. Click New to create a new user on the Users tab
    9. On the User Roles tab, click New and specify a name (e.g. Admin), click OK
    10. In the Operations panel, right-click and select Check All
    11. In the Users panel, activate the user that should get admin rights
  • Once the workspaces are created and the user rights are set, make sure to add the workspace user(s) to the licensed users
    1. Click on the Settings icon in the upper right corner
    2. Click on the link next to Licensed Users

Assign license to user(s) by activating the checkbox next to the user name


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